A Lifestyle is not a Job

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Lots of people know them, and many are looking up to them. Famous fashion and life style bloggers, and their perfectly portrayed life on Instagram.

The message is clear: dream big, follow your big dreams, be authentic, be passionate, and you can achieve everything you want. Look at me, I did it, and so can you!

Some nice pics here, some advice on how to do your make up there, maybe one or two youtube videos, throwing in the occasional sweet pet, or, more bold, and if you have the body: bare skin. Lots of bare skin.

All perfectly staged to carry the message: Look at me. My life is great.

Who wouldn’t want to be like them? Most important, who wouldn’t want to earn money by just doing cool stuff, simply being yourself, and sustaining your lifestyle that way?

Well, sorry to shatter you dreams. There are lots and lots of authentic girls and guys out there, passionately trying to follow the footsteps of their idols, miserably failing to make ends meet. From behind the monitor it all looked that simple.

Even “social media stars” with over 100k followers on your favorite narcissism mobile, ergh, I meant social media platform, experience this problem. Some have a valid fan base, but still have problems paying the bills with solely “being themselves” and their lifestyle.

But “social media stars”, famous for an enviable lifestyle, need to eat too. Hence, they also are in the need of a regular boring 9 to 5 day job. Though it can be quite awkward for them to be recognized, as you certainly don’t expect people with over a million views and videos of how to perfectly tan on the beach, or showing their 10 most favorite smoothie recipes, mopping the floor in Starbucks.

(Plus, seeing their idol that way, busts the dreamy imagination of their followers.)

“Lifestyle” is a catchy word, summing up the superficial bubble we portray on our Instagram accounts. For most people, the level of lifestylenes is determined by outside forces. We wear the clothes we can afford, eat the food we can afford, buy the furniture we can afford and attend the parties we are invited to.

Too busy lifetyling to not recognize my sweaty dirty shirt. Follow me on Instagram, to see more of my occasional bragging (and occasional boobs), and one day I might even be able to afford a new shirt!

Yes, occasionally partying all night long to finally sit on the beach, watching the sun rise is hilarious, and I truly love it, and believe me, I too will take loads of pictures and upload them to Instagram to show off, but the reality is that I have to squeeze in these tremendous moments between regular, boring every day stuff. Like working, doing the laundry, bringing out the garbage, studying, and lots of other non fancy non Instagram worthy stuff.

Even for people making ends meet by their lifestyle, like travel bloggers who actually surpass the Survivorship Bias and make some money off travelling, there is a life off the camera. A friend recently told me of someone who got his trip to Iceland partially sponsored. Iceland is a marvellous country, with great people, and a scenery to die for. The lucky guy got sponsored by a boot manufacturer, and as nothing in life is for free, had to pay them back with action shots of their product. He didn’t get to enjoy too much of the great nature in Iceland, as he was busy working. (One of the rare cases, a lifestyle actually qualifies as work.)

The great country of Iceland.

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To be clear, there is nothing wrong with travelling, sitting on the beach to enjoy the sunrise, spending ages to find the perfect smoothie recipe, doing yoga, and all the other things the popular kids on Instagram promote belonging to a life truly worth living, and this can certainly be described as a lifestyle…

But rather, for us normal non Instagram semi gods, it should be called “what to do in my free time”, because we are busy with boring every day stuff, as solely living an enviable lifestyle doesn’t pay our bills.

(And some activities just cost shitloads of money.)

So please dear Instagram gods, if you can afford it because you come from a wealthy background, or are in the lucky position to sustain your life from being your self relaxing on the beach: congratulations, I am truly happy for you, but please don’t think too poorly of us if we can’t join you to watch the sunset on the beach right now, as we are busy working.


P.s: don’t mind me, just casually chilling and lifestyling at the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan.

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