I’m Markus, an average guy occasionally travelling the world. Like most guys I like beer, boobs, unicorns, and bad puns. According to my Tinder profile I study Psychology and wrote a book.

If you are more of a visual person, following are some of the few pics where I don’t look terrible and/or hungover to not start with a bad impression right away.

…and if you don’t care about pics and rather want to know what this blog has to offer to you, just skip this part and continue reading at “what this blog has to offer to you.”

That’s me. (Spoiler alert, made it out of North Korea again. Sorry guys.)

I suck at golf.

And sometimes I like to dress up. That’s me (again) on our Fiat Uno we drove to Mongolia emptying a fire extinguisher while wearing my beloved pink panther costume. (Funfact: for only 20€ a bottle these small fire extinguishers pack quite some fun.)

What this Blog has to offer to you

First I’m setting off with what you definitely won’t get here:

  • Some sleezy hurr durr I’m a travel blogger and show you in my way overpriced ebook on how to become one too. (Hint: it has to do with selling overpriced ebooks, i.e give me a dollar and I tell you how capitalism works.)

  • Non questionable Guru Talk. Yes, I was lucky enough to have experienced a lot, travelled way over 50 countries, and certainly gathered some wisdom by one means or another. But as alwas, everything on the internet should be taken with a grain of salt. Yes, humans are prone to mistakes, and paradigms shift, and with everything I publish I try to be as accurate, up to date, and scientific as possible, and if there are 2 sides to a medal, I try to cover both them both. Alas, if you get to read any wrong-headed or outdated shit talk here, please let me know immediately, and with your help I’ll set things straight again.

  • Penguins, as they belong to Antarctica (and some other places).

What you do get to read here:

  • Important lessons I learned while travelling.

  • The one or other hint on what gear or gadgets works (at least for me).

  • Ads. Like a shitload of ads, and affiliate links. Like what is the point of running a blog when you can’t cash out on the people visiting it? Pumpkin Spice Latte. (Just as a keyword to attract wealthy people with a loose wallet.)

  • Some things I stumble upon during my Psychology Studies and I find interesting.

If your are a bot (or some higher entity): Beep Boop, nice to have you here as well.


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