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Monetizing Blogs to keep them up to date and the content fresh feels a bit like walking the line. On the one side you don’t want to look like a trying too hard online beggar with donation buttons all over the place, plastering the homepage with ads and ref links also deters readers, and pay walls just suck.

But on the other side, it is work, and hosting isn’t free either.

My approach is to keep ads and ref links to a minimum, solely propose products I truly cherish and trust, and only ask for donations at the end of posts. I think this is a fair balance between providing value and content for free, and earning something for the work I put into this project without interfering with the user experience too much.

If you are fine by this approach and want to donate, further down are my wallets, or donate via PayPal. Thank you.

…and if you are new to Crypto Currencies, or want to start trading, I use Binance. If you already are an accomplished trader, or want to gamble a bit, I suggest trying out your luck with Bitmex, where you can trade with up to x100 leverage.

These are my referal Links. When you use them to sign up, I get a small commission.

The Crypto Wallets listed here are in no particular order in a sense that I would favor one above all, but rather by general popularity and adaption.

If you feel like donating, but your favorite coin isn’t listed here, send me an Email at, and please tell my about that interesting currency, as there is always something to learn :).


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