Gear Mail

Shopping for new (outdoor) gear often feels like being a kid in the candy store.

So. Many. Possibilities.

Information overload is the logical consequence, and pondering what to get, or having to try out everything yourself first, can not only be costly and take a lot of time, but also spoil the whole trip…like when you are in the middle of nowhere and find out that your sleeping bag isn’t suited at all. (Yep, spending 4 nights on a mongolian high plateau shivering because you only brought a way too light sleeping bag really teaches you one thing, or another.)

After having trekked in the Himalayas, paddled the Yukon, ran the Marathon des Sables, walked the way of St. James through all of Spain 2 ½ months after undergoing ACL surgery, tripped through Iceland in winter, drove a tiny shitty car vom Czech Republic to Mongolia, and many adventures more, I got to use and thoroughly test a lot of gear under real world conditions and am quite confident to know what works, and what doesn’t.

From the desert, to the mountains, down to the tropics, and up to the arctic circle, I’ve been there, and know what’s important to bring with you.

Although all these different climates and regions have many things in common, the difference lies in the details.

All around the world you want to stay healthy, safe, sleep and eat well, stay dry, and keep your main means of transportation (i.e your feet) in good condition. But a sleeping bag for a hike in the mountains will be radically different for what you will bring on a roadtrip. (Weight, price, volume, down vs synthetic,…)

Send me your planned itinerary, what you are still missing or unsure about (boots, tent, cooking gear, sleeping bag,…), how much you are willing to spend for single items, and I’ll do my best to tailor your equipment exactly to your needs.

As long as anything remains unclear, send me as many Emails as you wish. Only then, and really then when you are a 100% satisfied, I’m asking for a donation in the height of what you personally think I saved you in time, hassle, and frustration. (Non clickable Link on purpose, as this seemed to cause issues with some Browsers. Please copy and paste the address to your prefered Email provider.)

(unfortunately necessary) Disclaimer:

I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies whose products I suggest buying. This is no consultation and serves informational purpose only. Prior to starting any physical activity, you should consult your physician first. You also do understand that undergoing any kind of (outdoor) activity involves a certain risk you are willing to take and are fully responsible for eventual damages resulting thereof. Prior to using any equipment, you will thoroughly read the provided instruction manual and will inform yourself of possible risks. (I.e, don’t blame me if the cooker you just used still is hot and you burnt your hand while trying to store it again…yes, this should be common sense, but history shows that people (more than often including myself :/) can be that clumsy.)