The Best Time to Take Action is Now

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“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.” — Dale Carnegie

It’s about 3 o’clock in the morning, I’m half awake, can’t fall asleep, and am feeling terrible guilty. Maybe all the pondering is the reason I’m not able to sleep and now typing these paragraphs.

I’m also thinking of all these days (like today, or yesterday if you wish) where I was lazy as fuck, and how far I could have been if I would have been productive, and what I already could have achieved. Here it is again, this feeling of guilt.

Having written a blog post every other day, having cut and uploaded my adventure videos, having started to write my 2nd book, having stuck to my morning workout routine,…I can only barely imagine, where I could have been now.

It isn’t about me not having time, If I need, I can make plenty of time. It’s about me sitting in front of this damn computer, playing solitaire, stalking some cutie on facebook, or doing all these other random bullshit substitute actions, though back in my mind I know that I should finish that one article that’s bothering me since days. (And will do so in the future, If I’m not acting on it)

An old Chinese saying is that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago,…but the second best time is today. As I can’t travel back in time to have a talk with younger Markus about how important it is to get your ass moving and not make up excuses, I’ll have to do one of the hardest things ever: actually act up on my own advice.

Hence, I forced myself to jot at least 1000 words down, and upload them. Right now I’m at 283. Fuck quality, it’s quantity time. Yes, this sentence only is here to get the word count up. This one too. Unicorn.

Things don’t have to be perfect

Often, we get overwhelmed by the feeling of all the things we still ned to do, like a monkey gang causing causing inside our heads, things have to be perfect, others are telling us why something is doomed to fail, and slowly we are actually starting to believe that the timing truly isn’t right. This can go on for a loooong time my friend.

Some semi act on it, and start to inform themselves about what they are trying to achieve. Doing some research, buying some new books, asking some friends about advice. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing to do, and this actually might help and give some people the last necessary nudge to get on going, but quite often, it leads to paralysation due to analysation. By reading new books or articles about the subject, we get the feeling of knowing even less (as there are so many new things you didn’t now about until now!), and hence stop acting as the fear of failing is getting bigger and bigger. Ignorance truly is a bliss!

The fear of failing

There always will be a better moment. But luckily, nearly nothing is written in stone and can’t be changed or improved afterwards (for the sake of it, I will probably have to heavily edit this quickly compiled piece of shit not worthy of being called “article”), so just act on it.

Just think about it for one moment: if you were to look back at this moment right now in exactly 3 years with one of your projects in mind, would your (possible) future self also beg you to move your lazy ass and start working out, finishing this project, writing that application or simply practice playing the guitar for just 5 minutes a day? 5 Minutes a day may sound quite little, but over the course of 3 years adds up to a whooping 91.25 hours.

Or do you really want to pull a Cartman, and possibly regret it for the rest of your live?


Though this article now only has a word count of 665, is still far away from being perfect (or even good), and it’s already 5 o’clock in the morning, right now I am truly proud of myself. I set another milestone. 665 words might not be 1000 (though I’ll go and work a bit more on one other article), but in 3 years, 665 words a day add up to a whooping 728175. As a comparison: my last book had about 45000 words, so that’s nearly two books a year.

In 3 years, I don’t want to look back and ask myself why I didn’t get my ass up. How about do you?



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